About Mold Atelier

We’re multidisciplinary creative studio located in Oslo. 

With experience in art direction, photography, styling and graphic design, we develop our own products as well as visual storytelling, to build brands and to evolve or redesign their natural authentic identity. We specialize in tailor made concepts, and consultancy services for brands, designers and emerging labels.

We’re influenced by culture before trends and belive in intuition and simplicity.

Who are we?

Linda Christiansen is a stylist and designer who started designing products in 2017. She is experienced in both fashion and interior design. 

Mikal Murstad Strøm is an art director and photographer. He founded Brygg Magazine and has worked with art direction for several years. He is experienced in building brands with both visuals and words.

All products are designed and handmade by us, in Oslo.

What we do:

Photography & Art direction
We create visual stories for brand campaigns, social media, e-commerce and web. 

We use styling as a way to subtly communicate your brands values and direction. 

Content creation
We create content using film/photography and creative writing to communicate your brands identity. 

Brand Identity
We clarify your brands identity to help you reach your preferred target group. We, help create and clarify your brand story and set up your brand book.